Copywriting Is A Basic Skill

Now Everything Is copywriting

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Copywriting is an activity and process of writing an advertisement or promotion of a product (goods or service) by showing the value and benefits offered by a brand in a work that is made as attractive as possible. A person who makes copywriting is called a copywriter, who is in charge of creating, preparing the text, and writing the overall ad copy. A copywriter must be able to write an interesting script for the audience, with the aim of attracting the audience’s heart and creating visuals in the sentence

Copywriting is writing with a variety of styles and approaches produced by hard work through planning and collaboration with clients, legal staff, account executives, researchers, and art directors. Copywriting is a written work in the form of advertising essays that are made as attractive as possible.

Nowadays, people are required to post about their activities or what they do in various ways. Don’t forget to add a caption to the post, but often we just think about what is a good caption. From there we start thinking of captions that can attract our followers on social media to get lots of likes. At that time, copywriting was a basic skill since everyone practiced it without us realizing it, but everyone has a different context for copywriting, for example when they are copying to get a lot of likes on the post they will use captions that are funny, and entertain the audience, then if you want to do marketing we think of words that can persuade the audience to buy the products we sell. if everyone does Copywrite, it means that everyone does branding for themselves and it means that everyone can also become a digital marketer in different ways, but we also have to think about some things, like :

  • Who’s reading this?
  • What background knowledge do they have?
  • Will they understand?

In terms of the actual field, the definition of copywriting is the art of creating written content for marketing purposes that is both informative and persuasive. Knowing what you need, those who work in this field are copywriters, and professionals actively helping companies communicate effectively with customers in almost every industry. Their audience. This writing can cover both B2B and B2C communications, to suit the needs of each client. If you haven’t mastered it, there’s nothing wrong with learning the techniques and formulas from the basics, and I am learning copywriting. The information and knowledge I share are only those that I have poured into my work.


Thank you for reading my medium, I know that my writing is far from perfect, so allow me to develop again through this medium. I hope you can understand my writing and add to your insight.

Thank’s for reading!

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